Ways to discover the path back to your wholeness and joy.

Leaving the symptoms of feeling separate, fractured, scattered and scared...
Offerings & Guided Practices
Somatic Counseling & Coaching

The Somatic way offers pathways toward activating awareness, connection, expression, harmony, and healing deep within you, through the body (or bottom-up) rather than trying to think your way through healing your past and present.

The somatic way invites you to connect with your body and every stage and layer of your developmental and environmental experiences.

Soma means BODY.
Tic means movement.
It’s a pretty Greek word to describe your physical experience in our three dimensional world.


Going a little deeper...EMBODIMENT means the fullest integrated experience of every moment. In a somatic focused session with me, you may experience any of these ways, as you explore how you are currently embodying the trauma and stress in your life.


  • Exploring body movements and their held meaning.

  • Sensations (felt deeply in a moment and given full attention)..

  • Tracking your main senses sight, smell, sound, taste, touch and notice your responses to stimuli.

  • Noticing how you react or respond to stimulus in your immediate environment and beyond.

  • Giving more awareness to your BREATH.

  • Spending quiet time in a dialogue with your BODY from the smallest cell to the skin you live in.

  • Following true movement impulses originating in your body, not your thinking mind and ego.

  • Bringing curiosity to the sacred geometry of your body and begin understanding the true beauty of you.

The possibilities are infinite and so is your healing potential. These sessions are 1:1.

Embodied Soul Guidance & Practice

The method of somatics can expand into guided meditation and journeying. This is the practice of tapping into your subtle energy and imagination.


This guided practice integrates Kundalini Yoga, Breath Science, Meditation and Metaphysical elements, such as: sacred geometry, sound therapy, crystals. All vibrations that contribute to creating a  harmonic state for your body~mind~soul.

This practice focuses on teaching unification and harmony. Finding your way to oneness as you learn to connect with who you are, feeling certainty and support, then moving through the world from there.

These sessions are 1:1.

Collaborative Divorce Mediation

Here in Colorado I can help with the business of your divorce. The mediation of how to divide your assets and guide you through statutory calculations for spousal and child support. The mediation of making your tough decisions, and gathering your documents together. All with the intention of mutual respect and collaboration. Collaborative Mediation can bring opposites into harmony.

Centered Separation

What I want more than anything is for the process of divorce to be simple and less painful for you both.


I want you to have an easier time than most couples. I want you to have a chance to create a new life sooner rather than later.

One way to experience that is to bring compassionate awareness to your ending. I can support you with separating from each other on an emotional level.

Part of this process includes developing new ways of focusing on your inner work as individuals. New perspectives and practices to move forward in a healthy conscious way.

These sessions include 1:1 work and couples sessions. The combination allows for you to be heard as individuals and as a separating couple.

Story & Style

My first step onto my healing and spiritual path was in 2005 while practicing Kundalini Yoga.  I became a teacher to further understand what it was I experienced every time I did this magic yoga.  What was it that moved me to tears and inspired so much self love and compassion?

It was the dynamic body movements. It was the sound vibration of mantra and gong. That exchange of inner world and outer world and the realization that there is no separation. It was the release of grief!


Through much study and experience, I have discovered that my Soul is embodied here to experience my life path alone and together, and to expand beyond limitations. I have given myself the opportunity to weave a new narrative about myself and life and I can offer the same to you.

My Soul desired more healing, more experiences, more exploration of this Body, Soul, Spirit connection so in 2014 I ended up getting my Master’s in Somatic Counseling Psychology.  That year also offered a dramatic milestone experience.  My third marriage ended.  That massive change gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into exploring my life and how I actually felt about myself.  Through therapy, mother nature, writing, art, Kundalini, movement, meditation, and other metaphysical modalities, I discovered so much about myself and started to truly hold myself in compassion rather than judgment.

While I always specialize in separation or divorce, many life experiences can cause separation from who you really are. So, our work together is around exploring and practicing ways for you to experience the oneness and wholeness of yourself and life.


The tools and approaches I work with will provide you with creative structure to heal, move obstacles and keep discovering who you are with compassion.

Approaches include:

Somatic Counseling

Somatic Coaching
Gestalt Therapy

Energy Guidance
Yogic Breath Science


There’s enough conforming in the world.

I am not meant for it.

I am beyond polarities.

I am harmony.


Essential Mentoring - Elena Brower (2022)
The Geometry of Healing - Meredith Sands Keator (2021)
Certified Ho’oponopono Practioner  - Dr. Joe Vitale (2020)
Certified Collaborative Mediator - Monica Lichtenberger, Phoenix Strategies (2020)
Divorce Mediation 24 hours - Monica Lichtenberger, Phoenix Strategies (2019)
Advanced Mediation 24 hours - Monica Lichtenberger, Phoenix Strategies (2018)
Basic Mediation 40 hours - Monica Lichtenberger, Phoenix Strategies (2017)
Sajonas Method Fascia Hydration - Jeannie Sajonas (2019)
Reiki Level II - Dina Gilmore
Shadow Work - Jeannie Gunter and Mark Daly, The Center for Soul Actualization (2016)
Spirituality & Trauma: From Trauma to Awakening and Flow - Peter Levine (2016)
Gestalt: Working Experientially with the Present Moment - Noeticus Counseling Center & Training Institute, Ryan Kennedy (2016)
Gestalt Summer Intensive - Gestalt Institute of the Rockies, Joan Rieger, Dr. Duey Freeman (2015)

MA Somatic Counseling Psychology, Body Psychotherapy - Naropa University: (2011-2014)
-Foundations of Body Psychotherapy, Ryan Kennedy (Character Structure, Hakomi Principles, Gestalt, Analytical Psychology Jung); Body/Movement Observation and Assessment I-II, Ryan Kennedy (Patterning Sequence, 10 Developmental Patterns, 12 Basic Neurological Actions, Basic Laban Movement Analysis, Effort-Shape Analysis); The Moving Cycle, Christine Caldwell; Patterns of Attention, Christine Caldwell…)

Auto Regulation & Interactive Regulation - Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, Pat Ogden (2013)
Shiatsu Massage School of California - (2010)
Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training - KRI, Guru Singh, Guru Maher, Hari Jiwan Gong Master, Sat Siri Kaur, Guru Jugat (2006)
Kundalini Yoga Level II - KRI, Guru Maher (2008)
Landmark Education/Worldwide: (2003-2017)
-Landmark Forum, Advanced Course, Self-Expression & Leadership Program, Introduction Leaders Program, Wisdom Course Unlimited, Transforming Yesterday’s Strategies, Communications Course, Communications Course Level II, Partnership Course, Structural Connections, Conference for Global Transformation


Healing Through The Akashic Records - Linda Howe
Sacred Geometry - Brian Mears, MSOM, L.Ac
Harmonic Egg - Ashley Owen & Jeannie Sajonas
Oracle Card Reading
Crystal Grids & Sacred Spaces
Intuitive Crystal Energy Healing
Reiki Level II - Dina Gilmore
Shamanic Journey Circles - Dina Gilmore
Sacred Sister Soul Circles - Dana Spirit Butterfly
Fire Dancing - Women’s Tent, Ixeeya Lin Beacher
Gong Sound Bathing
Kundalini Yoga


Yoga at Home