Somatic Counselor MA, LPCC

Here to guide you back to wholeness, back to center, back to the real embody your Soul's journey.

Welcome: If you are seeking a sense of well-being and ways to learn more about who you are and how to manage the life you've created, I am happy to offer the following ways.

All offerings, practices, and programs are built on the foundation that you are in some way trying to find your way back to wholeness, back to center, back to the real you.

     Somatic Counseling Psychology
     Somatic Coaching
     Embodied Soul Journey
     Centered Separation for Couples
     Collaborative Divorce Mediation

The philosophies and modalities I offer create a gentle, accessible and innovative approach for you to explore disharmony, stress, disorder, and traumatic experiences in your life.

If you feel called to approach your inner and outer psychology with gentleness and allowing me to be your guide, please get in touch with me.


If you feel called to connect deeply with your own strength and wisdom and exploring what it would be like to experience deeply knowing and loving yourself, let's have a conversation.

If you want to discover how your mind and body as a total system are seeking know what I'm going to write here...reach out and connect with me.

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Affirm your commitment to yourself and your journey ~ Get in touch with Jean for a conversation about the meaning of your life and what mysteries you have yet to discover...

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