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Jean Church, MA, LPCC

If you are feeling disorganized, scattered, indecisive, overwhelmed. If life seems compartmentalized or fragmented, then you have arrived at the the perfect threshold to begin a journey towards wholeness and harmony.

Walking across this threshold means you have a desire to connect with your highest level of Self and to that you are willing to connect with what is holding you back.

It means you are ready to explore and search for the hidden wisdom and magic that is uniquely you.

There can be an surprising amount of grief associated with this journey. It will require working with vulnerable parts of your yourself, but you can do this. I know you can, because you've probably been doing the work of keeping everything locked up tight.


I am referring to emotions tied to memories that become the story you live and even suffer with. Those stories have a sole purpose of keeping you safe in life. This could be considered a good thing, but does that safety walk hand in hand with fear?


If you say, yes and realize that fear is driving areas of your life or your entire life, then please reach out for a chat.

It is time to sift through the emotions and learn how to connect with them and appropriately experience and express them.

Grief can be a catalyst that requires you to understand yourself and life on the deepest most vulnerable level. If you've been coping with grief, you being here and exploring my website is an instant invitation to go beyond coping.

Instead you can explore your inner emotional world to discover who you are because of and with the loss or traumatic event. Through our work together you will learn to nurture and walk yourself back to wholeness. The possibility is to begin a new level of awareness and intention and discover some harmony and peace on the other side of it.

Specializing in divorce has been my passion because it has also been a big part of my life! You don't need to do it alone and you can come through it shining. I work with individuals and couples who want to explore how to regain a sense of Self and fully move forward after divorce.

Divorce means to sever or separate. Again, this can lead you down a path of disorganization, fragmentation, and many negative beliefs and yes, more story to explore.


Some of my story...

I have been an avid explorer of feelings, thoughts, imaginings, love, and creativity for a very long time.  I am infatuated with life and all aspects existential.  Following my own musings and curiosities about what makes me the way I am and the way life is.  This is all extended to you and our work together.

The landscape of grief is one I have traveled and keep experiencing and exploring. I believe by virtue of our history here on earth, we all hold a lineage of grief in our bodies and minds. It is inevitable that your life will be interrupted by loss of some shape or form.

My travels with grief include...developmental, separation, relationship endings, friendship endings, divorce, death, disappointment, career, past lives, and our larger communal collective grief.


A long time ago, I began awakening to my spiritual path. It has taken my entire adult life to arrive here, in the middle of all of it, this vast and deep experience. It does not end here. Not by a long-shot! We have miles to go!


That first step onto my spiritual path was in 2005 while practicing Kundalini Yoga.  I became a teacher to further understand what it was I experienced every time I did this magic yoga.  What was it that moved me to tears and inspired so much love and compassion?

It was the dynamic body movements. It was the sound vibration of mantra and gong. That exchange of inner world and outer world and the realization that there is no separation. It was the release of grief! So much of it!


Through much study and experience, I have discovered that my Soul is embodied here to experience my life path alone and together, and to expand beyond limitations.

My Soul desired more healing, more experiences, more exploration of this Body, Soul, Spirit connection so in 2014 I ended up getting my Master’s in Somatic Counseling Psychology.  That year also offered a dramatic milestone experience.  My third marriage ended.  That massive change gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into exploring my life and how I actually felt about myself.  Through Gestalt Therapy, Mother Nature, writing, art, Kundalini, movement, meditation, and other modalities I discovered so much about myself and started to truly hold myself in compassion rather than judgment.

I am a Somatic Counselor, Certified Collaborative Mediator, Sound Therapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a believer in the healing properties of crystals, and a Nature-lover.  My Soul keeps begging me for more discovery and expression, more healing...I supply it with as much as possible.

What is your Soul wanting to discover and express?

About Somatics

The Somatic system offers pathways toward activating awareness, connection, expression, harmony, and healing deep within you, through the body (or bottom-up) rather than trying to think your way through healing your past and present.

The somatic way invites you to connect with your body and every stage and layer of your developmental and environmental experiences, including traumas.

Soma means BODY.
Tic means movement.
It’s a pretty Greek word to describe your physical experience in our three dimensional world.


EMBODIMENT means the fullest integrated experience of every moment. Here are some of the ways we may explore somatic expressions and how you may have embodied the trauma in your life.


  • Exploring body movements and their held meaning.

  • Sensations (felt deeply in a moment and given full attention).

  • Sound vibration (felt deeply in a moment and given full attention).

  • Tracking your main senses sight, smell, sound, taste, touch and notice your responses to stimuli.

  • Noticing how you react or respond to stimulus in your immediate environment and beyond.

  • Giving more awareness to your BREATH.

  • Spending quiet time in a dialogue with your BODY from the smallest cell to the skin you live in

  • Experiencing sound vibrations that subtly and deeply relax your body at every layer.

  • Following true movement impulses originating in your body, not your thinking mind.

  • Bringing curiosity to the sacred geometry of your body and begin understanding the true beauty of you.


The energetic structure that a somatic session offers is a guide for holding space, connecting and releasing emotions on a whole body-mind level.



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"She has always offered a constant energy and holds a peaceful presence that makes her feel naturally trustworthy and, frankly, an ideal somatic practitioner. Jean holds a lot of “in-life” experience, especially with relationships, and together with her divorce mediation skills she is great at seeing both sides of all situations and at discerning and articulating the higher wisdom in conflict. I have very much appreciated my times with Jean, especially as the receiver of one of her embodied soul journeys!

Jean is a woman valued by many, a committed authentic practitioner and an intrinsic part of the rising sacred feminine."  - D.P.


This testimonial is from a client who experienced a Body + Soul Collaboration Session with myself and Jeannie Sajonas of Align Now PT. 

"I felt completely supported, safe, and utterly and completely cared for...The combination of these women's methodologies and skills coalesce into a uniquely nurturing, healing experience that is unparalleled." - Autumn S.

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