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As far as I can tell and have been told so far, my purpose in this life is to experience freedom, joy, and power.  Imagine if that was truly your purpose in life; to experience freedom, joy, and power.  


I am an avid explorer of feelings, thoughts, imaginings, love, and creativity.  I’ve been infatuated with life and all aspects existential for as long as I can recall.  I have followed my own musings and curiosities about what makes me the way I am and life the way it is.  I extend this curious nature to you.  I want to know what it has been like to be you?  What do you wonder about on your journey in this life?  What have you experienced so far?  What has it all felt like?  What do you want to feel and experience?  


A long time ago, I began awakening to a Spiritual path, a connection to something outside myself, but part of me and always with me.  It has taken 15 years for me to arrive here, no longer in the beginning, but somewhere in the middle of all of it, of vast and deep experience.


That first spiritual spark came in 2005 while practicing Kundalini Yoga.  I became a teacher to further understand what it was I experienced every time I engaged in this magic yoga.  What was it that moved me to tears and inspired so much love and creativity in me.  An integral part of the Kundalini experience is to receive deep healing relaxation with the Gong being played.  I received the gift of a planetary gong from my then husband.  That sound vibration has rocked my world ever since.  It fulfills the Cosmic connection my Soul craves.


Through much study and experience, I have discovered that our Souls are embodied here to experience something specific and purposeful.  I am here to remind you to check in with your Soul and ask questions like, "Why did your Soul choose this embodiment, in this life?"


My Soul desired more healing, more experiences, more exploration of this Body, Soul, Spirit connection so in 2014 I ended up getting my Master’s in Somatic Counseling Psychology.  That year also offered a dramatic milestone experience.  My third marriage ended.  That massive change gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into exploring my life and how I actually felt about myself.  Through Gestalt Therapy, Mother Nature, writing, art, Kundalini, movement, meditation, and other modalities I discovered so much about myself and started to truly hold myself in compassion rather than judgment.


Since that time, my explorations took me into darker shadow work and the realization that I am a Light Worker and dwelling in Shadow is no longer where it’s at for my Soul.  Being introduced to Shamanic Journeying is where I believe my most true, purposeful and powerful Soul-work has happened to date.  Exploring my Soul and the many past lives that have influenced my time in this life.

Presently, I am a Somatic Practitioner, Certified Collaborative Mediator, Gong Goddess, a Creative, a Writer, a Reiki Crystal Energy Practitioner, and a Nature-lover.  My Soul keeps begging me for more exploration, more healing...I supply it with as much as possible.

What is your Soul wanting to experience?  Let's sit and engage with your Soul's EMBODIED desires, shall we?

EMBODIMENT is part of the Somatic system. They are each a modality on their own. They represent different paths to activating awareness, connection, expression, harmony, and healing in YOU.

We are here on Earth, in physical form and that physical 3D form is the container of all our life experiences from womb to birth and into our full adult development.

The EMBODIED way invites you to connect with your body and every stage and layer of your programming. EMBODIMENT invites your Soul and your higher Self to be felt and to support your JOURNEY.

Every layer contains programming. Programming that was inherited from your ancestors and your most immediate family of origin (parents, care givers, siblings, extended family, friends, teachers, etc...).  Every step and movement of your development you were given information to help you survive this Earth journey.

So, how are you doing? Are you surviving?
No matter how you answer that, why would you only want to “survive”?
You may have the sense deep inside that you want to experience more than mere survival. But that voice is so faint and it’s hard to hear it over all the layers noise in this life.

Soma means BODY.
Tic means movement.
It’s a pretty Greek word to describe your physical experience in this three dimensional world called Earth.


EMBODIMENT means the fullest experience of every moment.


  • Body movements and their held meaning.

  • Sensations (felt deeply in a moment and given full attention).

  • Sound vibration (felt deeply in a moment and given full attention).

  • How you see, hear, taste, smell.

  • How your whole system reacts or responds to stimulus in your immediate environment (including inner-outer world).

  • How your whole system reacts or responds to stimulus beyond your immediate environment, the Universe.

An EMBODIED SOUL JOURNEY session typically includes these stages:

  1. Awareness

  2. Connecting

  3. Engaging

  4. Releasing

  5. Relaxing

This energetic structure is a guide or holding space for connecting and releasing. In between there is room for the intuition and creativity to explore what asks to be explored and expressed.

A little more embodied philosophy...
We mostly relate to how we react or respond to our environment as stressful or calm. It is typical for us to be at the mercy of polar opposites; this way OR that way.
These polarities typically leave us torn or fragmented. We are taught to figure things out, make things work, make the right decisions. If we don’t, we will lose this game of life.

While all the figuring, making, and deciding is happening there is an internal battle raging on and there is truly at the core only ONE of YOU. One body, mind, soul, and spirit connection.

So how do you locate the ONE TRUE YOU?
YOU can be discovered by paying deeper attention to your BREATH.
YOU can be discovered by spending quiet time in a dialogue with your BODY from the smallest unseeable cell to the skin you live in and see every day.
YOU can be discovered by experiencing sound vibrations that subtly and deeply relax your body at every layer.
YOU can be discovered by following true movement impulses on a micro-macro level.

Why would you even want to connect with that ONE TRUE YOU?
Perhaps because the energy of one life event after another is dwelling within you.
Some events imprinted positive energy, some negative.
Some events, thoughts, feelings are hiding in the shadows of your mind and body.

These reasons, energies, distractions are keeping you from experiencing love, joy, connection, harmony as primary feelings and for a sustainable duration. They keep you from experiencing a wholeness, an integration of Body Mind Soul Spirit.

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This testimonial is from a client who experienced a Body + Soul Collaboration Session with myself and Jeannie Sajonas of Align Now PT.  


"I felt completely supported, safe, and utterly and completely cared for...The combination of these women's methodologies and skills coalesce into a uniquely nurturing, healing experience that is unparalleled." - Autumn S.

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